JudyUnger  – YouTube Channel:


I frequently perform at a local open mic named Kulak’s Woodshed. On this channel, I share many of those performances. I recently reached my goal of having a live performance for every single one of my 52 songs.

MeditationMusic4You – YouTube Channel:


 I am a teacher on Insight Timer, which is the world’s largest free meditation app. This channel carries many of my meditation songs that are currently playing there. My passion is creating healing music and I hope to inspire, comfort, soothe, uplift and relax you with my instrumental songs.

My Journeys in Sight – YouTube Channel:


In 2016, I was featured for the subject of dry eyes. I have been plagued by this condition, but have managed to learn to live with it. I wrote about the filming experience on my blog with this story: I WILL SHINE – PART 2.

I created this channel to share all of the audio that was recorded in order to create this touching 3 1/2 minute video.