A poem I wrote when I was seventeen. I don’t know who I was writing to, but I love the message!

I was always a very happy child.

I love this picture! I am a princess surrounded by my father’s junk. He was an intense hoarder.My illustration of a “Snicker’s Bar” is one of my favorite paintings. I have been a commercial illustrator since 1981.







I began playing my guitar at the age of fifteen. I am sixteen in this picture.

I now feel the same way I did in this picture. I truly “transformed” this year.

I wrote this poem while I was active in the organization Compassionate Friends seventeen years ago.

I experienced a lot of trauma when Jason was in the hospital.

Jason only lived five years, but he had a very happy life.

Before I began my blog, I was writing updates to all my friends when my mother was ill on a respirator in January, 2010.

My mother’s support enabled me to cope with Jason’s illness.

I am always amazed how I wrote the lyrics to my song, “Through My Music” without experiencing many of those feelings until later in my life. I do not remember how to read or write music anymore.

Playing my guitar with Jason, who loved music very much. He was always singing and dancing. He will never age and will always be that way for me.

This was one of Jason’s art projects. For me it represents him being an angel with his red heart on display.







This is probably my favorite picture of performing with my guitar when I was nineteen.

I loved sharing my songwriting passion with my close friend, Cheryl, while in college. She died in 2008 and I have grieved her deeply.I love this picture of Cheryl and I.







I loved classical guitar while in college.







A picture taken with my childhood friend, Joni, after we met with a music producer she introduced me to. If it weren’t for Joni, I might never have played my guitar again.

Joni and I have known each other since we were toddlers. We were 8 years old in this picture.

I know I look really happy in this picture taken after I ‘transformed.”

One of my seashell paintings that worked perfectly for my Alabaster Seashell song.When I was fifteen-years-old, I published a book of mazes.

Playing in a forest was another dream-come-true for me. This picture was taken in 2016.

This picture was taken at my first recording session in 2010.

It was an honor to provide inspiration to anyone suffering with dry eyes. The medical company, Remedy came from Washington DC to my home to film their video.

In 2016, I was able to perform “Song of Joy” at my niece’s wedding.

The Open Mic at Kulak’s Woodshed in North Hollywood is a perfect venue for me. I always purchase a video of my performance and marvel at my tremendous improvement!

I always enjoy introducing my songs when I perform at Kulak’s Woodshed.

My daughter took pictures of me at a nearby park in 2019.

This bench held a lovely message when my daughter snapped this picture.

Filming my official music video “Crystal Oceans,” was a glorious experience.