Judy Unger Music

I love to write about the latest music I’m working on without the constraints of telling a story. My newest blog can also be accessed  by clicking Recent Music on the menu bar of this website.

My Journey’s Insight


On this blog, I share my journey that began in 2010, where writing and music changed the course of my life. By rediscovering music and joy, I healed from grief after losing my young son in 1992. My challenges of dealing with my elderly parents and raising my children consumed me for many years – but music helped me through the most difficult moments.

Illustrating My Life

Fruit Stripe

On this blog, I share about my illustration career that began in 1981. My clients include: Arbor Mist, Del Monte, Beech Nut, Betty Crocker, Frito-Lay, Kraft, General Foods, Nabisco, Dole, Oscar Mayer, General Foods, Crystal Geyser, Best Foods, Heinz and Tillamook Dairy Company.

Dry Eye Diaries


On this blog, I share my journey of healing from dry eyes.