My most recent video was shot in my patio. Playing my “Healing Song” was so soothing during such a stressful and difficult time dealing with the shelter-in-place. My blog story about the filming is here: HEALING SONG – PART 3.

I think my lyrics tell the story and it was fun to dig out lots of older pictures from my golden years of guitar playing as a young girl. But my joy is evident and I am so grateful that I was finally able to do justice to this old song of mine. It’s no longer “unsung!” For more recordings, lyrics and stories go to this link:…

The experience of filming “Crystal Oceans in 2018 was one of my greatest joys. I never imagined that a song I wrote at 16, could become this video decades later! I wrote two stories about the filming that are at these links: THAT MOMENT WHEN and CRYSTAL OCEANS-PART 3.

The breeze that surrounds me is a reminder that my son will never leave me. He is beside me always.