Coming soon – more about my newest song “Take My Hand!”


My dislocated and formerly lacerated right pinky. (Picture taken three weeks after my accident on 4/7/23.)

(Beware! Gory pictures ahead)

I was originally going to title this post PINKY PROMISE. Pinky promise – Judy will never ride an electric scooter again!

My succinct story is this:

I took a nasty fall on April 7th.

I dislocated my right pinky. I am right-handed.

In the last three weeks, I have had 18 doctor visits, (which includes 2 urgent care, and 2 ER visits.)

Working very slowly with a splint on, I drew another maze on my computer to add to my maze book in progress.

I had two online live performances.

I wrote a new song. I named it: “Take My Hand.”

My maze book project is time-consuming. I plan to have at least 30 mazes. I usually draw 2 mazes a week. The frog maze took 3 weeks…

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